Satellite Beach Police Dept. Volunteer Program was started in June of 1993 by two volunteers, Bob Bolin & Joe Alves. Today, the Satellite Beach Police Department has over 50 active volunteers who perform a variety of services for the department and the community.
We have a growing community that was built on the concept of volunteerism. Volunteers allow the police department to provide a wider range of services to our residents and provide a solid contribution to the quality of life in Satellite Beach.
Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Citizen On Patrol (C.O.P.)
    Patrol neighborhoods within the city boundaries.
    Patrol beach accesses and businesses
    Provide additional traffic control during community events
    Courier services to State Attorney, Clerk of the Courts, DHSMV, etc.
  • Marine Patrol
    Patrol Samsons Island
    Patrol the canals and waterways within the city boundaries.
    Assist in navigation for the local boat parades and ceremonies.
  • School Zone Patrols
    Monitor crosswalks at various school zone locations for 4 schools,
    Deter speeders by utilizing the radar speed reading board.
  • Administration
    Assist in typing, filing, data entry, copying, folding, collating and numerous other clerical duties as needed.
  • Vacation House-check Program
    Check homes upon request for unlocked doors and windows; torn
    screens; pry marks; unknown vehicles in driveways or any other
    suspicious activity.
  • ATV Patrol
    Patrols the beach for suspicious activity
    Locate lost/missing items and persons.
    Patrol for pets on the beach.
  • "Stop By and Say Hi" Program
    Making friendly social visits to our residents who may be feeling lonely or isolated to let them know we care about them. We also make social visits to residents who are alone and going through medical treatments to offer support. We share city resources during these visits.
Click the below to download a Volunteer Application:

For information on becoming a volunteer, contact Linda Harlow at (321) 773-4400 ext. 125 or via e-mail at lharlow@satellitebeach.org.